INCAA Computers delivers tailor made VTB relay testers to customer

VTB relays are crucial parts of the control systems in the railway infrastructure. During maintenance or repair they often need to be tested on site. Therefor our customer required a portable and reliable instrument for functional and qualification testing of the relays.

The VTB relays tester represents a test bench fitted into a durable watertight case with strong latches and rubber over-moulded handle, which allows it to be easily transported. It is equipped with all the supporting electronics needed for the testing of VTB relays. The top of the case includes an aluminum panel with the relays plugboard, display and operation controls. No other equipment is required to operate the tester. Only a 110-230 VAC / 50-75 Hz power source is needed.

This relays tester is characterized by a number of specific technical customer requirements, which were developed and implemented in just a few months through flexible and decisive action by the INCAA Computers team. Part of the development was the integration of last minute requirements.

With the delivery of relays testers to a high-quality focused end customer the first instruments are now actively used in the railway environment. The prototype relays tester was extensively tested and meets the functional requirements set by the customer. Also several electrical tests according European and railway standards were carried out successfully. The aim of these tests was to determine the proof of conformance in order to be able to accept follow-up orders for additional relays testers with INCAA Computers. This will enable the end customer to be provided with high-quality relays test instruments.

INCAA Computers placed high demands on mobility, safety, modular design and also focused on the lowest possible lifecycle costs. These requirements are combined and integrated at every stage of the design. INCAA Computers relays testers are built from the ground up to be precise and reliable instruments. A strong lightweight design,  construction techniques and impressive measurement characteristics create improved results for maintenance and repair specialists.

In this challenging project, despite restrictions related to the COVID pandemic and the worldwide chip crisis , INCAA Computers was able to deliver the relays testers in a timely fashion, and according to the requirements, to the great satisfaction of the customer.

The VTB relay tester is another example of what we can do for our customers. If you are interested, please contact us to discuss your project.