Power Supply Distribution with Ethernet control and watchdog

14 Power Supply Outputs
All channels are switchable over Ethernet
Watchdog function for each channel
10/100 Mbit/s Ethernet interface
Simple command set and configuration
Configurable IP address
On board power cycle control command
Measurement of temperature and power supply voltage
14-36V DC input power supply
Standard output configuration 7xDC input, 5x12V, 7.5V and 5V


The PSD2 is a configurable power distribution module with 14 outputs. Each channel has its own watchdog
function. The watchdog is triggered by TCP or UDP commands. When a watchdog time-out occurs the
corresponding output is unpowered for a configurable time and then powered again. Each channel can
also be controlled by software commands, in this case the watchdog function is switched off automatically.

The PSD2 is also an ideal solution for replacing all those Plug-in Power adapters for switches, printers, scanners, etc inside a Kiosk or a Vending Machine.

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