Multiplexing ADC with isolated frontend
16 bit resolution, no missing codes at 15 bit
Programmable high speed sample rate and high stability
Autonomous measurement or under VME software control
Interrupt after conversion cycle complete
Bipolar input range ±10 V; other ranges on request
Max. 16 channel single ended or max. 8 channel differential inputs, software programmable/channel
Autonomous digital filtering, calibration, drift correction, diagnostics, etc.
Diagnostic LEDs on frontpanel
DC power requirement: 5 V only
VMEbus standard compatible (Rev. C.1)

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The VME-VK22-5723 is a multiplexing 16 channel single ended or 8 channel differential analog to digital converter module for the VMEbus standard. The analog inputs are opto isolated from the VMEbus.

The maximum voltage input range is from –10 V to +10 V and is converted with 16 bit resolution. The AD-converter operates as a sampling successive approximation converter and converts continuously with a programmable sample rate or takes single samples under software control.

Input channels can be programmed to single ended, differential or can be switched off to increase the maximum sample speed. All channels can be measured twice and averaged for better stability.

Each channel can be filtered with a moving average filter of which the coefficients can be programmed by VME. Samples are stored in dual port memory and can be read by VME at any time. The module is capable of generating an IRQ to VME if all active channels are converted. This feature reduces any polling overhead to a minimum.


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