Shaver motor test system

The developed system is a handheld measurement tool designed for testing/developing shaver parts like the cutter, coupling spindle, etc. It has two motor steering outputs. Both outputs are capable of controlling a shaver motor and are independent of each other. One of the outputs can be used for connecting a calibration unit. This calibration unit is also a motor that will be used for generating a specific couple for the shaver motor under test. The module can be programmed through CANopen messages.

Inside the system are two MAXON servo amplifiers that are connected to an INCAA Computers CN-CPID-5269 module. The CPID module is a general-purpose analog and digital I/O module. The module is capable of controlling 4 separate PID loops. In this application only 2 are used. One for each motor output. The PID loop feedback can be selected by software. The feedback may come from the digital encoder input or from the analog motor current input.

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