Analog Input Module

EtherCAT slave module
10 analog inputs
4-20 mA or +/- 10 Volt input configuration
16 bit resolution
Max. 2 kSample/s per channel
1 input for temperature measurement
Each input has separate connector
Power output for sensor power
Gold plated contacts
Operating temperature -25 / +70 ⁰C
Wide input range (8-30 V) DC power supply
Stainless steel enclosure with DIN-rail fastening
Small size: approx. 12 x 12 x 6 cm
Cable fastening bracket available

EN 50121-3-2, EN50121-4, RLN00007 certified

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The EAI10 module is an EtherCAT slave module with 10 analog and one temperature sensor input. It is certified  for Railway applications. The analog inputs have a 4-20 mA or +/- 10 V input range. All channels may be sampled up to 2 kSample/s, each channel. Inputs are converted with 16 bits of resolution. An automatic calibration mechanism ensures highly stable and precise results. All inputs are protected and have input filters that make the module suitable for harsh environments.
The temperature sensor input is for NTC temperature sensors. E.g. Tasseron 10K3%@60C B3977
Each input has a separate connector. This connector provides sensor power, where necessary. The connectors have a locking mechanism and gold plated contacts.
A wide range DC power-input, the low power requirements, the small size and Din-rail fastening ensure easy system integration.

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