Accessory product for our VME, CompactPCI and CAMAC transient recorders:
– VD80, transient recorder for VME
– TR1x transient recorders for CompactPCI
– TRCF, transient recorder for CAMAC
Differential LEMO connector for each input channel
User selectable polarity per module
Connects directly to transient recorders front panel connector
Comes with 1.5 m ribbon cable with twisted wires and mating connector for above mentioned transient recorders
19” standard format, 1U high


The DLCP is a 19” sized connection panel with 16 individual connectors so channels can be connected or disconnected one by one. The rear side of the module has a ribbon cable connector that can directly connect to the above mentioned transient recorders with the supplied 1.5 m twisted pair ribbon cable with mating 37 pin D-connector. The position of the flatcable connector determines the polarity of the input connectors.
Isolation from chassis ground is kept intact.
The high quality connectors, type LEMO EPL.0S.302.HLN, ensure secure and reliable connections. The use of twisted pair ribbon cable cancels out electromagnetic interference (EMI) from external sources; for instance, electromagnetic radiation, and crosstalk between neighboring pairs.

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