The Tram Cabin Controller Unit is part of the INDICO-system. This unit is the interface for all sub-systems used in a cabin of a tram or bus. It is fully compatible with an 7”-Operator Interface with capacitive touch screen. The sub-systems functionalities in a cabin are communication with Traffic Control Centre Operators, priority request using SDR and or VETAG/VECOM for Traffic Light Controllers and switches.
The TCCU communicates with a INDICO Main Board Computer or any other Main Computer application using the Ethernet 10/100 Mb standard with a M12 ITxPT compliant connector. Open protocols can be implemented based on Ubuntu linux.

• SDR (KAR) , Short Distance Radio
• GSM/GPRS/3G/4G modem
• GPS receiver
• VGA interface
• Display DC-power output
• USB port
• Serial port
• 3 Digital Inputs
• 4 Digital Outputs
• Wide input DC power supply
• Diagnostic LED’s on front panel
• Ethernet interface ITxPT compliant
• Ethernet link and activity indicator
• OTA updates (linux based)
• Robust aluminium fan less case
• Easy installation and maintainability
• CE Railway Certified

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