FMC carrier board in PXIe form factor

1 Xilinx Spartan6 FPGA (XC6SLX150T)
FMC slot with low pin count (LPC) connector
4-lane PCIe (Gennum GN4124)

Clocking resources
-1 10-280 MHz I2C Programmable XO Oscillator
-1 25 MHz TCXO
-1 20 MHz VCXO
-1 low-jitter frequency synthesizer

On board memory
-A 2Gbit (256 MByte) DDR3
-1 SPI 32Mbit flash PROM

-on-board thermometer IC (DS18B20U+)
-unique 64-bit identifier (DS18B20U+)

The FPGA can optionally be programmed from:
-GN4124 SPRIO interface (loaded by software driver at startup)
-JTAG header
-SPI 32Mbit flash PROM

Debugging features
-mini USB connector
-4 LEDs and 2 buttons

Optimised for cost

PXIe specific features
-PXIe form factor, 3U high, single slot
-Clock and synchronisation back plane signals

Several PXI(e) clock and synchronisation signals available

Full technical documentation can be found here


The FMC PXIe Carrier is an FMC carrier that can hold one FMC card and an SFP connector. On the PXIe side it has a 4-lane PCI interface, while the FMC mezzanine slot uses a low-pin count connector. This board is optimised for cost and is usable with most of the FMC cards designed within the OHR project (e.g. ADC cards, Fine Delay).
In addition it has several PXI(e) clock and trigger signals available.

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