fmc dio 5chttla

5-channel FMC Digital I/O module

5 input/output ports with independently programmable direction (Lemo 00 connectors)
Output levels: LVTTL, capable of driving +2.5 V over a 50-Ohm load. At power-up the outputs are in Hi-Z state
Input levels: any logic standard from Vih = 1 V to Vih = 5 V (programmable threshold)
Output Rise/fall times: max. 2 ns
I/O bandwidth: 200 MHz
Programmable 50-Ohm input termination in each channel.
LVDS I/O on the carrier side
One of the inputs is capable of driving a global clock net in the carrier\’s FPGA
Inputs and outputs protected against +15V pulses with a pulse width of up to 10us @ 50Hz
Full technical documentation can be found here

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The fmc-dio-5chttla 5-channel digital I/O module is a simple board for digital I/O on LEMO connectors.
It has been designed for testing White Rabbit functionality as part of the SPEC Demonstration Package for White Rabbit (manual), and it can be used for other general purpose applications too.

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